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Local & International Couriers

We provide worldwide freight services through our carriers Echendu cargo and other various carriers around the world. Our main objective is to provide an affordable and fast alternative to transport your shipments anywhere in the world.

Online Warehouse

We give you free warehouse addresses to ship your purchased  items from stores like Amazon, eBay, etc..

Door to Door Delivery

Our door to door services are inexpensive, par excellence in many international locations. Our service furnishes a splendid way of moving your items & any excess baggage by air from one part of the world to the other.


We have become synonymous with offering premium parcel delivery services. Our core mission is to provide a range services to suit every individual and business, as well as ensure reliability, timeliness and affordability are paramount in everything we do.

We Have The Perfect Space.

We give you free storage in our warehouses. The more you ship, the more space you’ll get. We have distribution centers located around the world, so that your products can be closer to centres, reducing shipping time and costs. We pick, pack and dispatch your products from our warehouse that is closest to ware house, so that we can provide same day delivery in a number of major cities, and next day for many more.

You Shop –  We Deliver Anywhere!

Enjoy shopping online from your favourite store from the comfort of your home and ship your products to any of our warehouses, where we will store your products safely and securely for your peace of mind.

We Work With Local & International Couriers.

For dealing with any domestic or International couriers, we have a wide range of transport options so that you don’t have to worry about any capacious sized cargoes to fit in. Our trained drivers and workers ensure total safety of your baggage, parcels, or cargo considering how much value it might hold to you. We work in a total environment-friendly manner for the collection & delivery of goods during throughout the year when you need door to door services.

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We would like to thank you for an amazing effort and great support. Your professionalism has been superb and we really appreciate your efforts. 

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Global Transport

 This team works very hard to make sure our items are delivered on time. 

Tom Aldridge


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